Friday, December 15, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and boy is it sneaking up on me!!! I am starting to feel very unprepared...

I have to:

  • make a little romper for a friends baby
  • make some matching PJs for DH & Logan
  • make an outfit each for the girls
  • make Logan's stocking
  • embroider Alexis' name onto hers
  • make an apron each for the girls
  • make at least 4 Christmas puddings
  • finish off a present for another friends little baby
  • send off 2 EB KKs
  • send off our Christmas cards (write them out first too...)

that's enough of a list for now, writing it down has me nervous!!!

Lexi-lou turned 2 last Friday!!!! I can not believe she is 2 already, time sure has flown (having Logan between then and now has helped that out a bit I suppose!) She is such a delight, such a terror, I just love her to bits :-D

Tiana finishes kinder Wednesday - my baby girl is nearly a school girl! She is so incredibly excited :-D

I haven't done much sewing, been too busy with everything else, and haven't had a spare moment really. Tonight I have though, but I haven't sewn much! I have made a little soft cover for the camera Tiana is getting for Christmas from us, photo to come later... I have cut out the aprons, but don't have enough cotton to sew them up yet... I have tidied up my sewing supplies somewhat & now have more of a clear plan of attack on the above list.

Hopefully this weekend I will get more done, might have to send DH out of the house with the kidlets so I get some time!

Before I go, a BIG THANKYOU to Marie from the EB sewing group (if I had time to work out links I'd put one in right now...) She was my KrisKringle, yesterday I received a parcel with a lovely lime green linen blend & a gorgeous Michael Miller print, & some shirring elastic. See pic. Now to decide what to make with it... Tiana is laying claim to some of the MM print, she's very impressed with it :-)


Blogger Cass said...

Love the christmas tree picture. Your list looks a lot like mine. We are getting Charlotte a camera for Christmas as well so I would love to see the picture of the case you made - I might do something to now you have put the idea into my head.

9:38 PM  

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