Friday, July 06, 2007

A big move has happened

The title says it all! DH started working at the end of May, and after 2 months of looking we finally found a rental property. DH moved in the day we signed the lease, we followed him down last weekend.

It is a lovely home, 3 bedroom plus study, 2 living areas, a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!! A big powered shed out the back, a huge undercover area outside, backs onto a nature reserve... Each day we look out our back windows to see kangaroos! We're about half an hour from Melbourne city too :-)

I feel sad about having moved Tiana away, I am sure she will be fine though.

The point of this post? An explanation why I haven't been sewing lately! I did participate in the EB Dress up swap, haven't got photos of what I made to post organised yet, I posted my parcel last Friday, I should go and check how it was received!

OOH! The best thing about this house? I will be able to have a sewing area PERMANANTLY set up!!! SO excited about that! And for a while, I have my Mum's computerised machine and her embroidery machine, how fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A little bit of sewing...

First off is this little fellow. He initially started life as a very different species, but when it came time to stuff him he looked a lot more like a bird than what he was meant to be! Alexis just adores him, tells everyone he is her birdie, and she gives him cuddles all the time :-)

Next is a little top I made when Tiana was a baby. I love the pattern, it's from one of Mum's TopKids magazines. It is described as a dress, but it always looked better as a little top;

And the last thing for this entry, a pic of a piece of fabric I have. This came from Mum's, and I think originally it came from my Grandmother's stash. I just love it, but have no idea at all what to do with it! It's a satin type fabric, only a small piece, but just devine (I really should have ironed it prior to the photo *blush*)

EB sewing group Mothers Day swap

Here's the lovely gift I received from Cass (I will work out one day how to put links in *blush*)
I was very spoiled by her, along with the gorgeous snail pin cushion (with magnetic sides, see pic), was a lovely apron, some magnets a few pieces of fabric & some pins - all bundled together in a draw string bag :-)

A very big THANKYOU to Cass :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mothers Day pin cushion swap

And here is the pincushion & needle holder thingo I made for Belinda.

I couldn't think of what to do pincushion wise, then remembered Belinda makes hats, so decided on making a hat for her.

It didn't turn out aswell as I hoped, I should have made a practice one, but with Nanny being so unwell & the house hunting etc I ran out of time :-(

Catch up post...

Finally I have a few moments to do a catch up post! (my birthday cake is being decorated & presents wrapped, so I have been sent to the computer until it is all ready :-D ) I am 31 years young today :-)
I have been busy lately, I managed to get my pincushion swap done, but feel like I have let my swapee (Belinda) down a bit. I didn't realise everyone else was adding so much more to the parcel, so Belinda only received a pincushion, a little needle holder thingo & some fabric :-( Hopefully she still likes it...

We are in the process of finding a rental property in Melbourne, making the move to the big smoke for work! My Nanny has been unwell, it has been very touch and go with her for awhile, but yesterday she was moved to rehab, so things are looking better for her :-)

Now for some photos;

Some shorties for Logan, knitted up by my Mum, so shouldn't really be in my craft blog, but I love them so wanted to show them off!

This little top & dolls outfit I made for the recipient of our April '06 babies first birthday swap;

Some eggs Tiana & Alexis painted for Easter :-)

And one of the nappies I made up for Logan using some old terry flats. I have used a pattern out of one of Mums olds "Top Kids" magazines. The pattern was for a nappy cover, I have altered it slightly to use it as a fitted nappy. The rise is a little short for Logan, so I have to tweak it a bit before I make too many more using this pattern. Otherwise it is a great nappy!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Some aprons, a rabbit, some longies and a cardi

I have been meaning to post some pics of these aprons I made for the girls from Logan for Christmas. You'll have to excuse the messiness of them (they are well used, and currently unwashed). They would have been much better clean & ironed, but you still get the idea with these pics!

And also these pics of this gorgeous little fellow, I think he is anyway, and my girls and boy are quite partial to him aswell;

And here are some longies I finished knitting up for Logan last night, I need to learn how to sew up a knitted garment neatly though, these look shocking along the seams *blush* They are knitted up in wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills, "Colonial Tempest"

And last but not least, this gorgeous little jumper that my Mum knitted up for Logan for his birthday (my baby boy is going to be one tomorrow *sob sob* where oh where has the year gone??!!) The yarn & pattern were purchased at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show, from "Wondoflex Yarn Craft Centre". They had the most divine yarns, I will be purchasing again from them in the future!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

here's the photos :-)


I have accumulated such a stash. And then Mum rings to say she's going through hers, and getting rid of most of it, so if I want it go look...

I came home with a 60L container full of ribbing, and elastic, and other pieces of fabric... Plus a medium size suitcase full of fleecy... Plus a box full of flannelette...

I have started making nappies, which are looking really good, and I have cut out a sleeping bag for Logan to use in the pram on the cold walks to school that will be coming up. I have made a gorgeous little outfit for a friend who is about to have a baby (due today, come on now Baby G, it's time to greet the world!!!). I have made a cute little pair of pants for Logan, out of some of the ribbing - much more ribbing will be ear marked for the same...

So, that all added to my stash (94L, 96L & 100L containers respectively...)

And I have sooooo many patterns I want to make up, and now I just don't know where to start!


Oh, and I got these patterns from Mum too, so more things to make adding on to the patterns I already have!

hmmm.. I will have to post the photos later, computer is chucking a spaz & won't let me do it at the moment.

Oh they are drool worthy I tell you! Some of them have been given to Mum by my Grandmother...

I will be back with the pics :-)

oops, here's those photos!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dusting off the machine

At long last I have dusted off the machine, and been sewing again - **happy dance** :-D

Tiana started school a week and a half ago, and I am finding a bit more time in my day, and as a result finding myself a bit more organised, and a bit more able to sew.

In the last week I have sewn 2 new nappies, AIO's, the pattern needs a little tweaking, but they'll be good for around the house anyway. I do have another pattern which I love, I should dig it out and make one up following that...

Tonight I have also nearly finished an art smock for Tiana, and a hug-a-bub type sling for me.

I have one more nappy I want to sew tonight, so I should be quick... Here's a few photo's I've been meaning to post; the Christmas sacks that I have made for each of my babies. A pair of shorts for Tiana, and the little bag I made for Tiana's camera. Not a great photo of the Christmas sacks, but it's the best we took, and now they are packed in a box & being stored at my ILs, so a better photo will have to wait until the end of the year now!!

hmmm... photos not loading tonight, I'll try again soon.

Friday, December 15, 2006

And in the spirit of Christmas...

Just a few pics of


This morning he decided to pull the tree down on top of himself.

He was quite happy laying underneath it, so DH took the opportunity to take some photos. Logan was unhurt, can not say the same for a few of our new baubles...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

and boy is it sneaking up on me!!! I am starting to feel very unprepared...

I have to:

  • make a little romper for a friends baby
  • make some matching PJs for DH & Logan
  • make an outfit each for the girls
  • make Logan's stocking
  • embroider Alexis' name onto hers
  • make an apron each for the girls
  • make at least 4 Christmas puddings
  • finish off a present for another friends little baby
  • send off 2 EB KKs
  • send off our Christmas cards (write them out first too...)

that's enough of a list for now, writing it down has me nervous!!!

Lexi-lou turned 2 last Friday!!!! I can not believe she is 2 already, time sure has flown (having Logan between then and now has helped that out a bit I suppose!) She is such a delight, such a terror, I just love her to bits :-D

Tiana finishes kinder Wednesday - my baby girl is nearly a school girl! She is so incredibly excited :-D

I haven't done much sewing, been too busy with everything else, and haven't had a spare moment really. Tonight I have though, but I haven't sewn much! I have made a little soft cover for the camera Tiana is getting for Christmas from us, photo to come later... I have cut out the aprons, but don't have enough cotton to sew them up yet... I have tidied up my sewing supplies somewhat & now have more of a clear plan of attack on the above list.

Hopefully this weekend I will get more done, might have to send DH out of the house with the kidlets so I get some time!

Before I go, a BIG THANKYOU to Marie from the EB sewing group (if I had time to work out links I'd put one in right now...) She was my KrisKringle, yesterday I received a parcel with a lovely lime green linen blend & a gorgeous Michael Miller print, & some shirring elastic. See pic. Now to decide what to make with it... Tiana is laying claim to some of the MM print, she's very impressed with it :-)