Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catch up post...

Finally I have a few moments to do a catch up post! (my birthday cake is being decorated & presents wrapped, so I have been sent to the computer until it is all ready :-D ) I am 31 years young today :-)
I have been busy lately, I managed to get my pincushion swap done, but feel like I have let my swapee (Belinda) down a bit. I didn't realise everyone else was adding so much more to the parcel, so Belinda only received a pincushion, a little needle holder thingo & some fabric :-( Hopefully she still likes it...

We are in the process of finding a rental property in Melbourne, making the move to the big smoke for work! My Nanny has been unwell, it has been very touch and go with her for awhile, but yesterday she was moved to rehab, so things are looking better for her :-)

Now for some photos;

Some shorties for Logan, knitted up by my Mum, so shouldn't really be in my craft blog, but I love them so wanted to show them off!

This little top & dolls outfit I made for the recipient of our April '06 babies first birthday swap;

Some eggs Tiana & Alexis painted for Easter :-)

And one of the nappies I made up for Logan using some old terry flats. I have used a pattern out of one of Mums olds "Top Kids" magazines. The pattern was for a nappy cover, I have altered it slightly to use it as a fitted nappy. The rise is a little short for Logan, so I have to tweak it a bit before I make too many more using this pattern. Otherwise it is a great nappy!


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