Friday, September 29, 2006

Sewing night

I have my fingers crossed anyway! Tonight I want to finish off the softie for the softie swap. I want to finish off the present I am making for KDs baby girl (I am still so incredibly excited that she is here!). I want to finish off a skirt I am making for Alexis, and then I want to get started on a shirt for Logan. Just to get the girls to bed early... Logan is there already, and should be down until close to his 11:30pm feed. It's all looking promising :-)

Before I go, here's a pic of a little elephant I made years ago (probably around 7 years ago I think) the girls have just discovered him & a little hippo I made at the same time, and they just love them.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Op shopping

I finally ventured into an op shop today on a search for fabrics & patterns, and discovered a right little treasure trove!!! I walked out with some old pillow cases, a doona cover, and some materials that are destined to become dresses and pants. As I was paying I eyed 3 boxes jammed with patterns...

I had a quick flick through, and came home with the one pictured - can't wait to get started on it!

The ladies in there told me they have 2 more boxes of fabrics out the back, and more patterns as well! I can see myself becoming a frequent visitor there now... Must say, I was very impressed with the cleanliness & order in there too, the last few op shops I have been to were not nice, I can remember walking out of them feeling dirty, but this one today - ahhhh, op shoppers heaven :-D

Saturday, September 23, 2006

When is it not a Saturday night in!

I've humoured myself by saying 'Saturday night in', because really, when do we have a Saturday night out these days?! I can't think of the last time I went out!

Now for a joke;

One saggy boob says to the other saggy boob; "if we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts" :-D

And again, back to the sewing (skirt shirring finished, side seams sewn, needs overlocking, then hemming, I am now thinking it will end up a dress for Tiana). I've just finished off another dress for Tiana, and am now going to start on some soft toys.

Saturday night in

Not much sewing to report at the moment. We went to the Royal Melbourne Show yesterday, it was terribly windy, and there were a few small rain showers, but otherwise it was a fun day. The girls had a ball, and came home with a Dora Explorer showbag each, so they are happy little girls :-)

I've been to Spotlight a few times late in the week, came home with a bag full of fabrics on one trip, now just to decide what to do with it all! Some bibs, some soft toys, some shorts... The next trip was one with a purpose! I decided Thursday afternoon that a maya sling would be perfect to use at the show, should Tiana decide she was too tired to keep walking, and should Logan become too grumpy in the pram. So off we went to Spotlight to buy some fabric to make one.

I bought some, oops, I've forgotten what it's called! 100% cotton, crinkly material! It worked a treat, I didn't have time to hem it, so just used it as it was - Logan loved it! And talk about comfortable, so much easier on the back and shoulders than the baby carrier we have. Money well, spent, even though it was only $4/metre! (see above photo with the sling in use)

I am in the middle of sewing right now, thought I'd do an update, so have stopped to do so :-) I am shirring at the moment, a skirt for myself, although Tiana has told me she thinks it would make a nice dress for her, so we'll see once it's done!

Back to it :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A few of my teddies

Making teddies, my past passion, and something I still love to do, but figure my 3 have enough in the way of toys at the moment!

The 2 teddies sitting by themselves here are my own design, and made, probably 5 or so years ago now, the fellow pictured with Tiana is from a bought pattern - can't remember his name though.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wish I had time to create...

Here's my fat 1/4s I bought at the Stitches & Craft show last weekend, I have grand plans to make softies out of them, now if only I had the time I need to do so! I think I really need to start organising myself a bit better so I do have time...

At the moment I am making a rabbit out of the stripey one second from the top.

Hope he turns out as well as I have pictured in my head!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Nearly forgot to show this pic!

And here is a little romper suit I made when I was pregnant with Tiana, it's never been worn though! Wasn't the right size at the right time for her (or Alexis, and I'm thinking it won't be either for Logan!)

The pattern for this was also out of a TopKids mag.


Tiana is modelling my first attempt at shirring, not that you can really see it in this photo! And please excuse the straps on her dress too, I have since moved them so they are in the right spot!

Alexis is modelling a little tunic, pattern from TopKids magazine (can't think at the moment which edition). She wasn't in the mood for photo's at the time...

And here is a close up of the fabric the tunic is made from, I just love it!

A few pics

Pants for Alexis, I drafted a pattern off a pair of her trackie pants that I just love the fit of. They have turned out ok, a bit low in the waist and could be a smidge bigger around the waist too, but they do look oh so cute!


Just checking if this is going to show the correct time/date now.

I have succumbed to peer pressure!

After joining an online sewing group, and reading all their blogs, and seeing them display their handiworks, I have decided creating my own blog to do the same is what I have to do!

So here it is :-)

I might list a few things I am wanting to make;

  • a shirt for Logan (I have some gorgeous fine cord to make it with)
  • a dress or skirt for myself (I have some gorgeous floral material to make it with)
  • a few wrap tops for Tiana & Alexis
  • a dress for a friend's little girl
  • a range of soft toys that Tiana has designed for me

ah, I could go on!!!

But for now I will leave it at that, I'll return later to start posting some pics, I am going to go now and attempt to get some sewing of some sort done!